Thursday, July 29, 2010



flowers + rocks = flowerox!:-)

the story of how it all began...

many moons ago, when my daughter was just a tot, we played flower fairy!:-)

we would mod podge rocks with pressed flowers, covering them carefully to protect the flowers, then hide them wherever we went for someone to find!:-)...a tiny note from the flower fairy would wish them a happy day and hope that they would enjoy their flowerock!:-)

we'd tuck them into phone booth change slots or leave them on a bench along the local nature trail...behind a book in the library or in a tip jar at the bakery...all over town!:-)

we were lucky enough to witness some of the results!:-) eight year old girl found one peeking out from under a bush on her birthday...a teenager found one on a ledge at the mall and ran to show all her friends her lucky find...a lady found one in a parking lot and excitedly told her friend that she was going to display it on the bookshelf in her office!:-)

my interest in pressed flowers continued to grow and i began to put flowers on other things!:-)...soap, tiles, bookmarks and cards...and then i began to do framed pieces!...what fun!:-)

many years later with technology at my fingertips, i found a small group of other folks interested in pressed flowers!:-)...yippee!:-)...that small group of about 15 people has grown to be the world wide pressed flower guild!:-)...a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to teaching the art and science of pressed flowers, with members all over the planet!:-) can find out more here... ...

and that's how it all began!:-)...from the gifts of the humble rock and flower!:-)...i am still making and hiding flowerox!:-)...maybe you'll find one!:-)


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