Friday, August 13, 2010

pansy fairy!:-)


pansy fairy!:-)

she's all finished!:-)...and the journey was wonderful!:-)

my grandma ruth was a flower presser too!:-)...when she passed away, my mom sent me grandma's flower stash...i've always felt honored that i inherited her flowers and wanted to put them to good use:-)

while browsing through one of the boxes, i came across some pansies with a wonderful antique feel to them...aha!:-)...a fairy dress!:-)...her skin is made from some lighter pansies found in the same box!:-)

translucent hibiscus blooms form her wings:-)...cornsilk overlaid with a beautiful weed for her hair:-)...batchelor button snippets for eyes and a clip of a red rose petal for her mouth:-)...

queen anne's lace florets fill her arms with a bouquet and she has tucked one of the blooms into her hair!:-)...pansy shoes adorn her feet!:-)

thank you, grandma ruth, for allowing me to continue the tradition of pressed flowerart with your flowers!:-)...i am honored:-)


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