Saturday, July 07, 2007

the old mill

it all happened in a small town in georgia...clarkesville, georgia...that's where pressed flower artists gathered in the summer of 2007 and were made richer in spirit for having done so...

they came from all over!...and although some of them had met before, many of them had not...but, you wouldn't have known it!:-)...they chattered like school girls...giggles and whispers and lots and lots of shared laughter:-)...they ranged in age from 12-94 but it was hard to tell who was younger or older with all the excitement bubbling through the room...

they learned things like how to make a flamingo out of pink larkspur...beeswax and flowers were turned into pins...nightlights and products and gadgets...pool parties and hikes to waterfalls...they shared memories and laughter...meals and tweezers...commiserated about traffic and asked about children and parents...three incredible, learning packed, fun days all brought together because of a shared passion for the flower!:-)

and then the famous whistle blew!!!:-)...the highlight of the conference is to begin!:-)...on your mark...get set...go!:-)...kate, simona, beth, sarah...names being called one after another...faster and faster!!!...imagine a huge table, piled high with packages of flowers from all over the world...and a huge group of women running back and forth nabbing a pack when their name is called...then sitting back down, backs stiff, on the edge of their seats waiting...waiting...for their name to be called for the next round...squeals and mad dashes to the table searching for just the right flower for the idea blossoming in their heads......what a sight we must have been to the people peeking in the window:-)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness -- this event sounds like so much FUN -- and to meet 'kindred spirits'. When is the next one?

mary schweitzer said...

What fun you must have all had. Oh I would have loved to see it!
Thank you for visiting my blog.
I'm so glad you did, because now I have seen yours and I'll be back.

katie jane said...

Hi Rebekah, Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked for the name of the pressed flower artist. I did not pick up her card, but I have emailed the show people and hopefully they will respond with her name. I will pass it on when/if I get it. Her work was pretty amazing.

katie jane said...

Hello again. I just got home from work and checked my emails and sure enough, there was a reply from the art show people.

All they gave me was her name and email address:
Meerah Smallwood ~

I hope this helps. I tried googleing her, but nothing very useful came up. Maybe you can correspond via email and strike a friendship.