Wednesday, December 03, 2008

hooray for brown!:-)

it's a crispy, crunchy morning in north carolina:-)...the back deck is covered with fallen i looked out the window this morning, i noticed how many shades of brown there are...each one beautiful!:-)...sun and shadow...dark and light...hints of red, gold and an almost creamy white, sprinkled occasionally with the deep green of pine needles before they turn golden...
as a pressed flower artist, i feel especially lucky to be able to have nature's bounty presented right outside my back door!:-)...brown is a particularly useful color to have for pressed flowerart landscapes or critters!:-)...a young girl's hair or a lion!:-)...the possibilities are endless:-)
for now, i will go and gratefully gather my shades of brown:-)...when our world has totally turned to winter, i will sit quietly with my leaves and let them tell me what they want to be!:-)
hooray for brown!:-)
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TheresaJ said...

Hi Rebekah,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the encouraging comment. The single daisy is my favorite as well -- just for the simplicity of it, and it's overall design is just a little more modern than my other pieces.

Your pieces are amazing. I love that you actually turn them into scenes. The little mice are so adorable.

Thanks for the tip about the pressed flower guild. I will certainly check it out.

Thanks again,