Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pressed flowers, insomnia and birds!:-)


pressed flowers, insomnia and birds!:-)

i couldn't sleep last night!...my head was full!...of thoughts, ideas, things to do, things that hadn't been done, this and that and round and round...so, i got up!...

three in the morning, the house is quiet, i make a pot of coffee and think about what to do while i'm up...seems like it might be a good time to play flowers!:-)

lately i have been challenging myself by choosing a random envelope of flowers and making something with whatever happens to be inside...this has turned into a grand adventure and many new flower folks and flower critters have been born:-)

barbara has been a big inspiration to me this past week...she has been playing with colors and telling us about her initial bookmarks...initials...hmmmmmm...that reminds me of a wonderful class i took from kate years ago about initials...we made a collage of pressed flowers into an initial and it was lots of fun!:-)

hmmmmmmmm...i'll bet i could use these same techniques to do a shape!...the birds are singing, it's just beginning to get light outside...birds!:-)...i could do a bird!:-)

so, i cut out the shape of a bird's head from some beautiful autumn leaves...and then used the flowers from my random envelope to decorate her...placed on deep green fabric and surrounded with butterfly weed (thank you, pat!:-))

my bird of many colors really started my day beautifully!:-)...and that's how we got to pressed flowers, insomnia and birds!:-)


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