Wednesday, June 08, 2011

pressed flowers, stress and butterflies!


pressed flowers, stress and butterflies?:-)

life has been a bit stressful around here lately!...there has not been much time for flowers!, today i decided to change that!:-)

i planned out a half hour that was all mine!:-)'s what happened...

first i needed a, i took a piece of heavy cardstock into the kitchen...i found an old mason jar and put about 1/3 cup of water, a big squeeze of food coloring and a drop of dish soap in it...

then i did what we always tell the kids not to do!:-) a straw and blew bubbles into the colored water!:-)...i held the cardstock against the rising bubbles and let them pop against the surface of the paper...the results were a soft, watercolor look...i really like it!:-)

i have an abundance of butterflies in the yard this year!:-)...i love watching them and decided that a butterfly would be lovely on my soft, swirly paper:-)

her body is a peapod!:-)...wings of purple petunia blooms, with additions of some pretty petals and tiny flowers...her back wings are green hydrangea...and her tail is a lovely unknown flower from a wedding bouquet...thank you, fearrington!:-)... ...

antennae are stamens from the same flower as the tail...

all the stress of the mundane world around me faded as i got to play with flowers and create a pretty butterfly!:-)...and that's how we got to pressed flowers, stress and butterflies!:-)


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