Friday, July 15, 2011

pressed flowers, marlis and faded lilies!:-)


pressed flowers, marlis and faded lilies?:-)

i love marlis!:-)...the horse whisperer of north carolina!...i have learned so much from her...and not just about horses, but about life!:-) can find out all about her here...

i was sorting through my flower stash and found some lily petals from long ago...they were silky soft and almost, there i sat, on a sunny afternoon, thinking about the lessons i had learned from marlis and the lily petals whispered...i'm a horse!:-)

well, i listened:-)

the horse is made from the faded lily petals...mane and tail of japanese maple leaf...

this one's for you marlis!:-)...thanks for the inspiration and the lessons that came with it!:-)

and that's how we got to pressed flowers, marlis and faded lilies!:-)


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