Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i think i found it!

today was a wonderful day!:-)...after a series of challenges that needed creative solutions the past few weeks, it was reassuring to have a beautiful gift fall into my lap...almost literally!:-)

i am lucky enough to be able to take a pressed flower master class from an amazing artist!:-)...her name is irina orlova...she lives and works in russia!...isn't the internet an amazing thing!:-)...her classes are available through the world wide pressed flower guild...yes, there really is one!:-)...you can find out more about them here... www.wwpfg.org ...

the class is a landscape with distant mountains all made with pressed botanicals...i searched and searched for just the right thing...used everything i could think of in the kitchen to press...pressed sweet potato skins...beautiful, but too dark!...pressed banana leaf?...same problem...beautiful, but too dark!...i needed a lighter, brownish, earth colored material...

this morning was windy and cold and i had some dreaded errands to run...best to just get it over with!...as i was sitting in a parking lot waiting for hubby's return from the bank machine, what did i see!?:-)...the most beautiful tree!:-)...and it's bark was shedding down around it's knees in big, soft pieces!:-)...i think i found it!:-)...the perfect pressed plant material for my landscape!:-)...thank you, tree:-)

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Ruth Swaner said...

Thanks for looking at my blog. Tell me, what kind of paper and or glue do you use to adhere the flowers incase they don't stick. The paper you see on my flower backgrounds is rice paper from Thialand. I am a professional woodcut printmaker by trade but I decided to use some of my rice paper in my flower pressing. It makes a nice texturey background. RUTH

Irina said...

Hi Rebekka,
I have visited your blog. Your work is wonderful! I saw a great birch bark in the photo. I am glad of your success!:-)
Irina Orlova

B.Valianti/myth maker said...

Your work is so beautiful. I love this bark piece; it's inspiring.

Thank you so much for you generous comments on my blog... I'm honored that you visited.

Leigh Shepherd said...

Hi Rebekka
Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
I love my litle flower press!
Your work is so inspiring, I would never have imagined working this way. I have really enjoyed visiting here:)

Heather Robinson said...

Oh wow, I didn't even know about this online community. I'm intrigued by it and by this course that you are taking from a Russian teacher. Thanks for sharing the information.