Friday, March 27, 2009

thank you, irina!:-)

recently i was lucky enough to be able to take a master class with an amazing pressed flower artist!:-)...her name is irina can see her work here... ...absolutely amazing!:-)

the class was offered through the world wide pressed flower guild...
yes, there really is one!:-)

irina lives in russia, a wonderful woman in canada translated and we had such fun!:-)...the class lasted for an entire month as irina answered questions, provided pictures and instruction and guided us step by step through an autumn landscape made entirely of botanicals!...

the sky is made from tamale wraps (corn husks) that i picked up in a local shop...the distant mountains are bits and pieces of autumn leaves...the rolling hills are from leaves i gathered at a rest stop in new england...and the fence is made from darkened banana skins!:-)

i learned so much during this class and had a ton of fun with about 30 other people that wanted to learn too!:-)...classes are held monthly...why don't you join us next time?:-)

thank you, irina!:-)...i did it!:-)...finally!:-)


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paintingpam said...

Thank You Rebekkah for visiting my blog. Your compliment means a lot to me since you are a pressed flower artist.