Sunday, February 28, 2010

pressed flowers and find the fairy?!:-)


pressed flowers and find the fairy?!:-)

what a wonderful journey!:-)

this picture is chock full of bits and pieces of memories:-)

the background is corn husk sold in a local shop as tamale wraps...little did they know where these would end up!:-)

the dark mountain in the distance is a leaf snagged from a bush in tennessee...wish i could remember the name of it!...when you iron it, it turns black!...very useful!:-)

the lilypad is actually a lilypad!:-)...plucked straight out of the mississippi river by a dear friend that also loves pressed flowers...thanks, diane!:-)

the waves are tiny pieces of money plant seedpods sent to me from georgia...the ferns from virginia...thank you sarah and barbara!:-)

and the tiny fairy flying across the water...can you see her?:-)...she is made from a silky, tulip petal cut in the shape of a fairy!:-)...thanks, gilda!:-)

the fairy is almost luminescent against the have to look closely to see her...and that's how we got to pressed flowers and find the fairy!:-)


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