Monday, February 08, 2010

pressed flowers and hearts!:-)


pressed flowers and hearts!:-)

my friends in the world wide pressed flower guild have been playing with ribbon bookmarks and making beautiful pressed flower valentine's day cards!:-)

as always they have inspired me:-)...

i nabbed a heart shaped cookie cutter from the kitchen cupboard and traced around it on cardstock for a template...

then i rummaged in my overflowing flower box to find some likely candidates for my project!:-)...ahhhhhhh!:-)...some beautiful, antique-like pansies, some dusky orange autumn leaves, some camellia petals and queen anne's lace from my grandma ruth and finally some birch bark for a more manly look!:-)

laminated, hole punched and beribboned, they'll make great little valentine bookmarks!:-)

and there's my pressed flowers and hearts project!:-)



oh, and as for the world wide pressed flower guild?...yes, there really is one!:-) can find them here...
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