Sunday, August 07, 2011

pressed flowers, braising greens and horses?:-)


pressed flowers, braising greens and horses?:-)

yep!:-)...and this is how it happened!:-)

we are so lucky to live in our little town!:-)...surrounded by farmers, we have access to fresh, local, wonderful food...we belong to a group called carolina grown...'s incredible!:-)

every week we go online and order our groceries for the week...all from north carolina farms...we're supporting local farmers, getting fresh, wonderful food and have cut our grocery bill almost in half!:-)...and to top it off, we're reducing our carbon footprint by not driving to the store!...they deliver!:-)

we get lots and lots of veggies and not all of them make it to the dinner table!...some go right in the press...and that's what happened this time!:-)

the braising greens turned a beauty-full golden color with just a hint of green...i love how the veins became more prominent and give the horse texture...:-)

suzanne's generous gift of pampas grass was just right for his mane and tail!:-)...

what fun!:-)

carolina grown, thank you!:-) you had no idea where some of your produce ended up!:-)


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