Wednesday, August 03, 2011

pressed flowers, grapevine and peace!:-)


pressed flowers, grapevine and peace!:-)

the latest in the peace series...

i started doing peace flowerart a number of years ago...incorporating a peace sign into what i was making...i was sitting here thinking about my friend, terica, (a strong peace advocate)...she is also an avid blogger and connects with people all over the planet...hmmmmmm...:-)

and so,... connect with peace was born:-)...from terica connecting with people in peace all over the planet:-) can learn more about what she is doing to promote peace here...

connect with peace is made of little pieces of flowers and leaves all blended together to form three intertwined peace signs...surrounded with wild grapevine harvested from our property...

grapevine is rich in represents peace and seemed like just the right thing to surround the peace signs!:-)

and that's my wish for the world:-)...that just like the blooms and the leaves, we will all blend together and intertwine into a peaceful planet!:-)

thank you, terica, for always inspiring me!:-)


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