Thursday, November 03, 2011

pressed flowers, sky horses and beetles!:-)


pressed flowers, sky horses and beetles!:-)

oh, what a lucky girl i am!:-)...the world wide pressed flower guild had it's conference in october this year and i am not long home! of the highlights of the event is the flower swap...oh me, oh my!...what shenanigans!:-)

everyone brought packets of flowers from home...a table in the middle of the room was piled high with hundreds and hundreds of packages of flowers!...what a colorful sight!:-)...our names were called at random and we had to jump up, run to the table of flowers and quickly, quickly in just 30 seconds, get just one pack of flowers!...then we must sit down and wait for our name to be called again...oh, the agony, the nail biting, the crossed fingers and the prayers that no one will get that package that you're after until you get another turn!...

the result of this is that everyone goes home with scads of wonderful flowers from other places:-)...our dear lynn brought some of the most beauty-full leaves i have ever seen!:-)...skeletonized by the japanese beetles in her iowa garden she brought some to the flower swap and i nabbed 'em!:-)

flying through the sky this fella is made mostly of red kale...mane and tail of dill...hooves of money plant seedpod and clouds of milkweed thistle...and best of all, lynn's flower swap oak leaves!:-)

thanks lynn, for giving me wings!:-)


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