Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pressed flowers, kahla and angel hugs!:-)

 pressed flowers, kahla and angel hugs!:-)

here's what happened...

i was sitting here thinking about a very brave young lady that was going through a difficult time...i envisioned her surrounded by angel hugs:-)...big, cushy, warm, comforting angel hugs, full of love and light:-)

while i was sitting here thinking about her and her mom and how we are all connected, my wonderful hubby arrived with the mail and tossed me a box...hmmmmmm...what could this be?...

it was full of angel magic!:-)...and had come right to my mailbox!:-)

a wonderful woman named dot had sent me an unexpected package!:-)...and you will never believe what was inside!:-)

an adorable little angel made from a cotton boll!:-)...and a whole bag of more cotton bolls!:-)...other treasures tumbled out including a handmade bookmark with pressed flowers and a little bundle of beautifully pressed botanicals!:-)

one lovely, incredibly textured piece appeared to be a large bloom...creamy white...moon flower?...it was just right for angel hair!:-)...out came the cotton and transformed itself into soft angel wings:-)...a little bit of this and that from our garden and kahla's angel was born!:-)...available for hugs anytime:-)

thank you, dot, for the ingredients to make it happen!:-)...a box of love right in my mailbox!:-)


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