Sunday, May 27, 2012

pressed flowers in the woods, first grade and flower trees!:-)

 pressed flowers in the woods, first grade and flower trees!:-)
oh my gosh, what a wonderful day!:-)
i was delighted to be asked to visit with a first grade class at woods charter school... ...i was a little uneasy because i had a very sore throat and wasn't able to talk would i ever explain flowerart?...not to worry!:-) speak for themselves!:-)
over 30 young ones with wide eyes filed in and began to paper, glue sticks and what is this?...small maple leaves?...cotton bolls straight from the field?...are these real?:-)
with the briefest of explanations they went to work...brimming over with enthusiasm, questions and amazement that they were working with real flowers and leaves, the creativity was palpable!:-)
suddenly, flower trees were being born all over the great room!:-)...tree trunks of cedar and birch...tiny japanese maple leaves began to appear on limbs...bright yellow coreopsis were used for suns in the sky...and big, billowy cotton clouds danced across the paper!:-)...
i was truly surprised at the amount of dexterity and detail that was contained in each piece:-)...tiny little flowers planted around the base of the tree!:-)
great job by all the "budding" artists!:-)
and thank you for introducing pressed flowers in the woods:-)
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