Monday, May 16, 2011

pressed flowers, kansas and cabbage!:-)


pressed flowers, kansas and cabbage?:-)

well, yes!:-)

i was lucky enough to be booked at shows across the country with musician hubby last summer...we spent six weeks driving from show to show and spending as much time as possible exploring our surroundings...what fun!:-)

each state had it's special surprises...local food and farmer's markets...different plants, rocks and critters...the mountains, the plains, the badlands, they all held special appeal:-)

my memory of kansas was miles and miles and miles of fields...what wasn't fields was sky!...stunningly beautiful, i would stare out the car window convinced that i could actually see the curve of the earth at the horizon!:-)

once in a while, a lone tree would stand in a field with the sky as backdrop...nothing else in's my version of a kansas memory:-)

i used really bright colors in this piece, giving it an abstract feel, but hopefully portraying some of the beauty i felt traveling through this part of the country!:-)

the sunset is rose petals with wisps of real cotton, gathered along a roadside in georgia!:-)...the tree trunk is a piece of bark...the leaves of the tree are a tiny green flower that came from a wedding bouquet...and the field is a cabbage leaf!:-) had just the right contours and colors to be a field!:-)

and that's how we got to pressed flowers, kansas and cabbage!:-)


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