Sunday, May 08, 2011

pressed flowers, petal girls and fun!:-)


pressed flowers, petal girls and fun!:-)

i am taking the most wonderful class!:-)...our teacher is a talented pressed flower artist named anagha, what a beauty-full name!:-)

i have been making flower folks and flower critters for a long time, but i have never had the opportunity to take a formal class with twenty other people at the same time...

the class is called petal girls and my, oh my, are we ever having fun!:-)...the creativity is flowing and each little petal girl is unique and special!:-)

this little lass is my first contribution to the class...

her skirt is a velvety rose petal...cascades of red curly hair spill from under her made with japanese maple leaves...purple daisy bloom for a hat...

dangling her morning glory leaf bag, she has picked a bouquet of tiny alyssum flowers on her way to market!:-)

if you would like to have this much fun, you can find out how to join us here... ...only $14 for a whole month of inspiration, artwork and camaraderie!:-)...and it's online, so i can wear my fuzzy, bunny slippers!:-)


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