Sunday, May 08, 2011

pressed flowers, may day and little, fuzzy, green things!:-)


pressed flowers, may day and little fuzzy green things!:-)

my mailbox is magical!:-)...every now and then i open it and there are envelopes full of rainbows and promise!:-)

this time my magical envelope came from held a beautiful, handmade card and a stack of the most beautiful, little, fuzzy, green things!:-)...they looked like miniature trees and i could already see landscapes dancing in my head!:-)

but, that was for another i had a may day project to complete!:-)...i have fond memories of may day...tying ribbons to a tree ...may apples decorating the forest floor...poisonous!...but, beautiful:-)

but, i think my favorite memory is leaving flowers on the doorstep!:-)...we would gather old coffee cans and chipped mason jars, cotton hankerchiefs and doilies...then decorate them, adding ribbons, filling them with wildflowers and greenery...then we would run to the neighbor's house...with giggles and whispers we would knock on the door, leave the flowers and run!

so, here's my version of may day flowers!:-)

the doily is made of queen anne's lace and is filled to the brim with beautiful, blue, springtime flowers, interspersed with tiny bits of elderberry and white alyssum...

but, wait!...something was missing!...i searched and searched looking for tiny leaves or something green that would fill in the bouquet...and then i remembered thea's present in my mailbox!:-)...the beautiful, little, fuzzy, green things!:-)...thank you, thea!:-)...they were just right!:-)

i added a ribbon of thyme and a butterfly made of heuchera leaf to symbolize the transistion of spring and that's how we got to pressed flowers, may day and little, fuzzy, green things!:-)


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